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When it comes to making sure that you have a beautiful, straight smile, looking into braces in Jacksonville FL is a wonderful idea. Not only will your straightened teeth look better but a smile that is nice and straight will be a lot easier to keep clean. This will then help to make sure that your teeth are less prone to toothaches and tooth decay later on in life. While getting braces can be very beneficial, there are several things that you should know before moving forward.


The cost of getting braces will vary a great deal depending on the nature of your misalignment as well as the kind of braces that you choose and if any other treatments are necessary – including palate expansions and tooth extractions. If you have a misalignment issue that is severe like an overbite or a crossbite, you may need to have more adjustments and checkups along with a longer treatment period.

Will It Hurt?

One of the common questions that someone has when they learn they need braces is whether or not it will hurt. To make a long story sort, it will be uncomfortable on a mild level and it can easily be managed much like you would treat a headache or a scrape on your body. The days after your braces are put on and the next day after each adjustment will generally be the most uncomfortable. Over-the-counter pain relievers and ice packs are great for helping with the soreness.

When it comes to the scraping of the brackets and wires on your tongue and cheek area, you can help to minimize the pain by having brace wax handy. Your orthodontist will also give you a supply of the wax to keep handy and you can think about using one of the over-the-counter oral numbing gels to relieve some of this pain or stinging.

Foods To Avoid

Of course, when you end up having braces in Jacksonville FL put on, you will have to steer clear of several types of food that can cause issues. In the first few days after your brace application, it is best to go with soft foods so that you have less pain trying to chew. When you start to add foods back into your diet, you will want to avoid foods that are overly crunchy like hard candy, nuts, and some of the crunchier chips. You should also be careful with chewy and sticky foods like gum, beef jerky, caramels, toffee, fruit gummies, and other foods that you have to bite into, such as corn on the cob and apples.

If you would like more information on braces in Jacksonville FL and whether or not you are a good candidate, please get in touch with our staff at ASAP Dental Care. We can also talk with you about the costs involved and what you can do to submit insurance or get the financing that you need to have braces put on to achieve the straight, wonderful smile that you deserve.

Braces Jacksonville Fl