Root Canal Treatment Mississauga

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Root Canal Treatment Mississauga

Schedule root canal treatment in Mississauga at Altima Dental. There's no need to fear your upcoming root canal when you visit Dr. Astrid Galvez-Sforza for treatment. Bring your root canal referral to our practice. We offer sedation options to all patients, and are experienced at alleviating any dental anxiety that you may be experiencing.

Will My Root Canal Treatment Hurt?

It's no secret that patients fear having a root canal treatment. Leave your fear at home and arrive at our office with relaxing music - we'll take care of the rest. Let our staff know about any fears your have regarding treatment, and we'll provide answers, dispel myths, and offer sedation for optimum comfort and relaxation. We can make your root canal experience with us ta positive one, creating trust between us, leading to better checkups and a more beautiful smile.

Do I Need a Root Canal?

See Dr. Astrid Galvez-Sforza at Altima Dental for a second opinion consultation if you've received a referral for root canal treatment in Mississauga. We'll review your dental history and provide you with our perspective. Our team's goal is the same as yours: a healthy, radiant smile that lasts a lifetime. If your smile treatment plan includes root canal treatment, rest assured, we'll be happy to discuss why the treatment is needed and the benefits it provides.

Family Dental Care

We're not just the right choice for your root canal treatment in Mississauga - Altima Dental provides dentistry for your whole family. We know we could be perfect for your family's checkups and cleanings, meeting the needs and wants of your children, teens, and other adult patients in your family. We will prove our commitment to you. Call today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Astrid Galvez-Sforza.

Root Canal Treatment Mississauga
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